Cayenne Pepper Lowers Cholesterol

Published: 05th March 2010
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Cayenne Pepper is an ordinary seasoning used by some people for additional flavor in their meal. But out of its ordinary function comes an extraordinary finding in making our body healthy and immune. Studies confirm that cayenne pepper has health benefits for people who regularly consume it. A lot of people would say it is a "miracle herb" due to its wonders. It assuages pain and lowers our body temperature, cholesterol and blood sugar level. It also keeps our heart in good condition as well as fight cancer cells in the body.

Let us explore on the great wonders of cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is typically located in tropical and subtropical places and is known by the name red chili pepper. It has a key element called capsaicin that stimulates our chemoreceptor nerve endings as well as mucous membranes, explaining the feeling of hotness when we eat it. This certain element depletes the substance that causes us to feel pain in our body. Capsaicin does its work as a pain reliever before the substance causing pain sends pain signals to the brain.

Not only does it relieve pain, cayenne pepper powder can cool down our body. Ironic isn't it? Regardless of it hot flavor is a feature that can rouse a part of our brain controlling the cooling of our body. Thus, cayenne pepper powder is a good remedy for fever.

As mentioned, cayenne pepper powder lowers our cholesterol level as well as our blood sugar. Statistics shows that a number of people have problems in obesity and excessive intake of sweets, causing them to suffer the consequence of high cholesterol and blood sugar level. Cayenne pepper cleans our bloodstream from undesirable elements in our body, including fat. These fatty elements are broken down in digestion and excreted through a normal bowel movement. Aside from cleansing our body, cayenne pepper also regulates our blood sugar. It not only makes us look healthy, but it also makes us look good. With a low cholesterol and blood sugar level, our body can easily control hunger, maintains energy level and burn off fat.

Another great wonders of cayenne pepper is its ability to destroy cancer cells in the body. When cayenne pepper is present in the body, a process called apoptosis occurs killing all cancer cells. It proves that capsaicin kills leukemic, pancreatic and prostate cancer cells in the body.

To conclude, cayenne pepper powder is a spice good in our food and in our body. Remember, a dose of cayenne keeps the body going.

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